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Zimbabwe 14-year-old girl gains admission to university, set to graduate as a doctor at the age of 18



As one of the youngest African students ever admitted to a university, Taida Mapara, a remarkable 14-year-old girl from Zimbabwe, has made history after being accepted into the University of Malawi College of Medicine.

Taida Mapara made exceptional academic achievement, completing the 13-year primary and high school curriculum in just 8 years.

She continued her study and earned three As in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Zimbabwe’s Hilbright Science College’s A’ Level Cambridge exams in June 2020.

Since she was a small child, Taida Mapara has had the desire of becoming a doctor, especially after her stellar academic performance.

She was accepted to study medicine and surgery at the University of Malawi (MBBS).

Speaking about her experience, Taida Mapara noted that after hearing many individuals complain about how difficult the course was, she became even more motivated to pursue a career in medicine.

I wanted to pursue medicine even more because of how difficult everyone claims it is. Why can’t I get through it if there are individuals out there who have? “, she remarked.

She stated that she will seek a profession in cardiology because she enjoyed learning about the human heart in high school.

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Even now, the human heart continues to amaze me, and my interest in it increases as I learn more about it. I decided on cardiology because I wanted to work in a field that was primarily concerned with the heart.

It would, in my opinion, make practicing medicine even more fascinating and amazing, she remarked.