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Young Lady sends little boy back to school after he dropped out over financial issues (Video)



A young woman has won accolades for taking it upon herself to bring a little child she found on the streets back to school, so he can complete his fundamental education.

A Ghanaian YouTuber who made the decision to see a young child through elementary school earned the respect of online users.

The young woman spoke with the fortunate 16-year-old guy for a video that was uploaded to her channel, Akua Dimples, to get his thoughts on returning to school after first quitting due to financial difficulties.

Eric recounted how he moved from Begoro in the Eastern Region to live with his grandparents in Accra but soon realized that money to cater for himself would be a problem and hence had to drop out of school.

“When I dropped out I had to fetch water and also do garden work for people, so I could get money to buy food.

I couldn’t combine school with what was I doing because the money to pay for school fees and other items was not there, so I gradually lost interest in school” he confessed.

Due to the kind heart of this YouTuber, Eric will eventually become a JHS graduate. Already he has been living under her care and tutelage for 3 months now.

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Eleanor Gaisey: Akua you are blessed and you are amazing for helping this young man and his family.Thanks to your husband as well.God richly bless you.

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Nana Kwasi: Good bless you and your family for supporting this young man.the future is bright

Dori Aqua: Well done, Akua and family. It indeed takes an entire village to raise a child.

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