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Young African-American girl graduates from US high school with 6.9GPA, wins best graduating student award



Tobechukwu Tobi Phillips, an extraordinary African-American student from Nigeria, became the first-ever black valedictorian of Alvin High School in Texas in the institution’s 125-year history.

Tobechukwu Tobi Phillips, who finished first in her class and achieved an exceptional total GPA of 6.9 on a 4.0 scale, surpassed the school record.

Of the 2,800 pupils in the school, she is one of only 86 black kids.

Tobechukwu, who received As in every course she took during the course of her four years of study, noted that it was difficult to keep her place at the top of the class.

It’s challenging to keep my class GPA at the best level. It does need time management, but what’s more crucial is understanding why you do it.

I know that I am no longer just representing myself,” she said. In addition to her exceptional academic track record, Tobechukwu plays volleyball, runs track and is a Sunday School teacher at her church.

She’s also a member of the Rho Kappa Honor Society, the president of the National Honor Society and an AP ambassador.

She is one of the 16 students selected from 4,000 applicants to receive a Full-Ride Forty Acre Scholarship to attend the University of Texas at Austin, United States.

While advising young black scholars, Tobechukwu asked them to not conform to the stereotypes that have held them under thumbs for so long.

“My biggest advice to other scholars of color is to truly adopt the mindset of Rosa Parks – ‘No.’ Do not conform to the stereotypes that have held us under thumbs for so long,” she said.

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“Do not be discouraged when someone speaks out against you, simply allow what they say to fuel your fire. But more than anything, do not remain tight-lipped.

Take a stand for what you believe in and decide to bring about the change you’ve always desired. Say “No” to the norms of society and stand out. Tobechukwu added

Tobechukwu will study at the University of Texas’ Nursing School with a full scholarship (UT).

As a pediatric nurse practitioner, she hopes to someday run her own clinic.


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