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Yomi Fabiyi shares police evidence of assault from babymama, Grace as court intervenes (Photos)



Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actor and activist, has continued to speak out about his deteriorating relationship with his babymama, Grace Jimoh.

The actor who accused her of domestic violence shared police reports to support his claims.

Yomi Fabiyi dragged her on Instagram a few hours ago for spreading lies about him.

He revealed that during one of her episodes, he informed the police at Ipakodo police station four times before being referred to the Public Defender’s Office.

“Instead of going public, after reporting to the Police at Ipakodo Police Station four times, the Police refer to Office of Public Defender. I cannot continue to allow criminals hold me to ransome.”

He revealed in another post that the court mediated for them, but she still went in with her domestic violence.

Yomi Fabiyi revealed that the mediators advised them to leave separately for the sake of peace, but she did not comply with the court’s order.

According to Yomi, the court ordered him to pay for her new apartment, pay monthly child support, pay for transportation, cover child medical expenses, and pay for school expenses.

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Yomi Fabiyi previously shared several proofs to disprove allegations that he was involved in sex for roles.

Yomi stated in a screenshot of his private chats with Oreofe that only a criminal and irresponsible journalist would not balance the story before concluding.

“Social Media and anonymous blogging :
This was how it started with Grace and I. Is this SEX FOR ROLE? Only a criminal or reckless journalist will not balance story before reaching a conclusion. You created a platform, violate people’s rights, gained traffic with people’s life, health, career. This has brainwashed innocent lads and turned them to addicted trolls and cyberbullies, their background now stinks. These innocent and imperfect folks now think their days is incomplete without any bad news, celebs or person’s to drag, troll or curse. Anarchy looms! Stop promoting, supporting or encouraging criminal blogging. Not safe for society, your children and your mental health”.

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