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Why I’m Not Surprised By My Success in music industry – Asake



In this stage of his career, Nigerian singer Asake is flourishing. Asake has been on a rapid ascent to stardom after making a major splash with his hit song “Sungba” and its popular version, “Sungba Remix.”

He has been gathering followers all across the nation and the globe, and his brand-new album, Mr. Money With The Vibe, which was released this week, is already a hot issue in the music industry.

A sake is carving a very powerful, individual route and career for himself that is uncommon for many artists, soar high. But the singer doesn’t seem surprised by any of this.

During a new interview with Rolling Stones, Asake explained why all of the successes he’s enjoying right now don’t come as a surprise to him and also opens up about his album, his music, and a little bit about his life. Here is what Asake said.

Speaking in a Zoom interview with Rolling Stones, Asake said:

There is something you need to know about me: Everything is like a dream to me, something I’ve imagined before, so I am not amazed by anything that comes or any level that I am. I just give thanks.

I grew up in a neighborhood that is considered dangerous, a neighborhood where everyone wakes up to hustle for their daily meals. It taught me how to survive in good times and bad times.

So I draw inspiration from my real life experiences to encourage everyone who thinks their present reality is constant; I want them to always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I take my practice very seriously. I believe there is a higher power that controls everything happening, so am I a religious or spiritual person? It’s a thin line between these two.

Lagos shapes everything I do. It teaches you how to survive, strive for success, and be the best at what you do.

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When I record a new song, I enjoy driving around the city with my manager listening to the song. I am my own inspiration.

I have experienced life and I have a lot to say about it. As time goes on more stories will be told.

Making the album didn’t even come with stress for me at all. From the name of the album, you know I was just enjoying myself.

Life is not that hard. It’s all about the vibes, how I feel at this moment that things I’ve imagined are happening.

Greatness, my bro. Do you know what is going to happen tomorrow morning? I see a light.


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