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Why I’m Not Happy With FG – Gov Ortom

Why I’m Not Happy With FG – Gov Ortom Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state has stated reasons why he’s veritably unhappy with the Federal Government stressing



Why I’m Not Happy With FG - Gov Ortom

Why I’m Not Happy With FG – Gov Ortom; Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state has stated reasons why he’s veritably unhappy with the Federal Government stressing that the decision of the Nigeria government

To turn a deaf observance to the cry of the people of Benue given the herders killings and the worsening philanthropic extremity in the state left him no other option but to be unhappy.

The Governor made the exposure while speaking at the Ortese Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs camp in Guma Local Government Area, LGA, of the state where over persons who were displaced by fortified herdsmen are taking retreat.

He said “ You can imagine what we’re seeing in this Ortese IDPs which is just one of the camps in Benue state out of so numerous. They should be close to 20 IDPs camps now.

We’ve eight sanctioned IDPs camps in Benue and several other unofficial camps. And the people abiding there are our own people and we can not run down from them.

They gave us the accreditation, this is their own government but because of the failure of the Federal Government we’ve plant ourselves in this situation.

I said it ahead and I and I want to say it again, if President Buhari can not continue to give security for us, let him abdicate and allow another person take over.

“ This government has failed fully, security wise, profitable wise, social wise, there’s nothing they’ve done other than reducing us. They allowed veritably responsible people who were protecting for themselves in their separate homes to now live in IDPs camps.

Though they’re getting support from patron agencies to survive but the least person then during my commerce with them want to go back to their ancestral homes. Nothing wants to stay in the IDPs camp.

“How might 22,000 individuals stay in an IDPs camp that isn’t even favorable for people. They’re living in a primary academy demesne, staying vulnerable from the sun, rains and other environmental hazards.

And I want to ask the Abuja people if they’re mortal beings, do they’ve blood in their modes? They permit our people, near two million individuals stay in IDPs camps.

“ I was attacked by Fulani herders, I was told that they were arrested but none of them is being fulfilled rather, it’s my kinsman who was with me, running with me the day I was attacked that’s being fulfilled.

“ What kind of injustice is that? This isn’t right. This Federal Government has a retired docket and they’re laboriously supporting Fulanis who are coming from other corridor of Africa to take over our land. I feel veritably sad about what’s passing.

“Furthermore, it is absolutely impossible that you’ll believe me should keep calm when this degree of bad form is going on.

How do I keep quiet, how can you see the people that suggested you into power come IDPs and destitute and you want me to be a happy man, furthermore, you believe that me should be happy with you No.

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“They chose you to give security to lives and property however you are making my kin down and out and you maintain that me should be happy with you. I can never be happy with you.

Assuming that you believe me should be happy with you, let this IDPs return home. If you want me to be happy with you. Give enough security for them to return to their ancestral homes and live their normal lives.

Why I’m Not Happy With FG - Gov Ortom

The state government is overwhelmed by the IDPs and philanthropic situation each because the Federal Government has turned a eyeless eye to the situation in Benue.