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Why Cristiano Ronaldo Isn’t Intereste Play For Real Madrid Again



Real Madrid will not be the side that Cristiano Ronaldo chooses. The striker wants to keep competing for the Champions League and a sixth championship, as well as,

Whether or whether he returns to the premier continental competition, to improve his records in terms of goals (he is 15 ahead of Messi) and games played (he has played 27 more than Messi and six more than Casillas).

The Portuguese player, who will turn 38 in February, had a fantastic season on an individual level but a poor season overall in his first season back at Manchester United.

You already know this, but second halves have never been particularly effective. The player is still on the sidelines of the English team

which has had a strong preseason so far, and even if Ten Hag says he counts in him, some in Manchester start to believe there is only one option left: to say goodbye to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The news of various meetings between CR7 and Florentino Perez, which have never happened before, surfaced on Wednesday afternoon.

Real Madrid’s plan, which excludes the player from Manchester United, won’t change at all, according to information obtained by MARCA.

The white club’s executives plan to wait for developments and then reevaluate the market without considering Cristiano Ronaldo after seeing if the players they don’t trust are traded.

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Rumors have been fuelled by the striker’s recent two-day stay in Madrid, but there hasn’t actually been a meeting in that sense. CR7 is seeking a location.

But unlike what this newspaper had previously reported, it won’t be in Munich or at the Bernabeu. When questioned, the directors of Bayern have categorically rejected all possibilities.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Isn't Intereste Play For Real Madrid Again

Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid have a bond that is more than appropriate. In reality, his oldest son was enrolled in the Campus during those times in the Spanish capital.

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