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Why all men must gets more than one wife – Actor Ibrahim Chatta reveals



Ibrahim Chatta, a prolific filmmaker, has explained why it is imperative for a guy to have multiple wives.

After his colleague Femi Adebayo indulged him and urged him to propose a solution to men who experience less love from their loved ones, Chatta let it be known.

Femi Adebayo, who believes that men are treated unfairly in life, requested the actor’s opinion on the subject of children favoring their mothers and vice versa while ignoring their fathers who have toiled and suffered for the family’s perpetual prosperity.

Sharing his views, Chatta stressed the need for men to marry more than one wife. According to him if a man keeps one woman as a life partner

He will suffer in life and may end up going on errands by himself in his old age but if he marries more than one wife as instructed by the Quran

He will always have a woman by his side that will love and take care of him till he dies.

As You may remember that Ibrahim Chatta sparked reactions from his followers after he shared a video of himself and Toyin Abraham hugging at the movie premiere of Femi Adebayo titled ‘King of Thieves’.

Ibrahim Chatta posted on Instagram about running into Toyin Abraham during the event, and the two gave each other a big hug.

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Fans, on the other hand, became dissatisfied with the video, pointing out that such an embrace is excessive for a married woman.

After that, also recall that Ibrahim Chatta had caused confusion among his fans by sharing videos and photographs of him proposing to his colleague, Liz Da Silva.

Ibrahim Chatta

The internet was agog with mixed reactions as many tried to deduce if the photos were real or from a movie scene as this is not the first time celebrities are teasing their fans with photos and videos.

Ibrahim Chatta claimed he had finally gotten Lizzy Da Silva against all odds and that they would be announcing the date shortly while posting the images online.

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