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We’ve Made Progress On Corruption, Security, Economy, Others – Buhari

We’ve Made Progress On Corruption, Security, Economy, Others – Buhari



The NigeriaPresident, Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in Kano said three precedences of the administration, security, frugality and corruption, have entered significant attention, with measurable results, following his vision of making Nigeria more peaceful, prosperous and dependable, among nations.

As you’re all apprehensive, this administration came to office determined to make impact in three main areas security, erecting a sustainable frugality and fight against corruption. We can say that recent positive developments in these areas have shown that despite the challenges on ground, we can see general enhancement in all three areas.

At the Passing Out Cortege of the Regular Course4/2016 pimps of the Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, the President noted that programs and conduct of the government made impact on the tripod vision, in malignancy of challenges, assuring that further will still be done to guard lives and property, enhance livelihood and insure probity.

In the area of corruption, as you’re all apprehensive, I’m determined to insure that we don’t have a reprise of what has gone on in former administrations and we’ve taken a strong stage against pervasive corruption.

“ This administration has also concentrated on security by displacing our public security to perform their duties effectively. We’ve inversely embarked on some pivotal changes in their backing, structure, and modes of operation.

With the launching/ commission of the Police Trust Fund, this administration swung into action after taking the assessment of requirements for possible interventions in the provision of logistics and infrastructural requirements of the Force, ’’ he said

In a fast changing world, driven by digital technology, President Buhari said the Nigeria Police must continually evolve on its structure and operations to make lesser impact in checking crime, particularly in the virtual space.

In a world where instability is constantly evolving; law enforcement responses have to inversely evolve not just to keep up but to stay ahead.

Also, as part of sweats to contemporize the Nigeria Police Force, this Administration has boosted both transnational and original training and retraining of our officers and men in addition to furnishing new platforms and other coffers.

These approaches have yielded positive results as it’s glaring that Nigeria’s ranking has bettered on the worldCounter-Terrorism global indicator from 4th to 6th position on the list of the most scarified nations.

This administration has inked into law the new Police Act to insure an enhancement in the weal of service delivery to meet stylish transnational practices.

As I said before, with the take- off of The Police Trust Fund, there has been an upgrade of structure similar as the construction of new barracks across the country, addition of being bones, construction of medical installations, as well as procurement of ultramodern functional vehicles.

According to the President, the Boko Haram insurrection, the Indigenous People of Biafra, Eastern Security Network, and banditry in some corridor of the country over time, which posed a potent trouble to the country, had been significantly degraded and relative normality had returned to utmost municipalities and townlets.

He said more sweats would go into icing that normality returns to all the areas suffering banditry.

I must especially recommend the sweats and adaptability of members of the Nigeria Police Force and family agencies for the giant strides recorded so far in the fight against the prevailing security challenges.

Across the North Central and North West of the country, we’ve made progress with respects to stemming the drift of collaborative violence, planter- herders clashes, cattle rustling, and hijacking .

We’ll continue to demonstrate zero forbearance for crime and crime. Those who take laws into their hands, who bear arms immorally and who seek to benefit from a climate of fear and instability will be decisively dealt with.

That remains our pledge to the people of Nigeria, who tagged us to keep them safe and secured. The peace and stability of our dear country will continue to be of utmost significance. You, the Police are our points men and you must rise to the occasion, the President told the graduating pimps.

President Buhari also noted that security transcends law enforcement to include erecting the right connections that bolster the development of secured societies.

This is why the present administration has been completely committed from the launch to strengthening being relations between Nigeria and her neighbouring countries. It has always been clear to us that there’s no way we can achieve the security we seek without the cooperation and support of our neighbours.

And we’ve enforced at home the most far reaching social support programme ever in the country to attack poverty at the roots one of the motorists of instability.

The graduating pimps will be taking their place in Nigeria Police Force that’s fated and determined to take its place amongst the most effective security associations in the world. This is apparent in the excellent and fruitful benefactions of the Nigeria Police force in foreign peacekeeping operations, he said.

President Buhari noted that moment’s geography extends well beyond the land, ocean, and air, into the vast homes of cyberspace, noting that the internet and new digital technologies have handed a platform for the arising offences to reach unknown situations.

numerous of the adversaries you’ll defy, according to the President, will be permanently faceless or concealed, using technology to pay envelope warfare that has the implicit to be indeed more destructive than anything the world has ever known.

We must develop a policy on cyber warfare that has as its strategic focus on the forestallment ofcyber-attacks against critical public structure, minimizing public vulnerability tocyber-attacks and minimizing damage and recovery time fromcyber-attacks.

President Buhari assured that the government would do everything possible to address the challenges facing the Academy by calling on the interventions of the applicable agencies parastatals to grease the experimental plans.

Acceptable popular provision will be made to accommodate capital and intermittent expenditure as the weal of staff and pimps remains among my government’s precedences.

The successful completion of a rigorous and demanding course of this nature, no mistrustfulness, imbues moment’s graduating pimps, with a sense of tone- regard and accomplishment, he added.

While felicitating the pimps for successful completion of their training, President Buhari directed them to maintain the spirit of accomplishment, as they prepare to face the tasks ahead.

We’re doomed if the reverse is the case. It’s by your courage, fidelity and integrity that you can truly earn the trust and confidence of the nation, he said.

The President added that, I’m pleased to be then moment on this occasion of the Passing Out Cortege of the pimps of the fourth Regular Course of the Nigeria Police Academy.

We’ve Made Progress On Corruption, Security, Economy, Others - Buhari

I was then in September 2018 and 2019 independently, for the passing out processions of the first and alternate regular courses and was represented during the passing out of the third regular course by the Minister of Police Affairs.

May I compliment the pimps of the 4th Regular Course on this major occasion of your passing out. This day marks your estimable success after a period of rigorous and ferocious academic and professional training in the Police Academy that has tested your intellect, stamina and adaptability. Congratulations to you all.

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President Buhari confided the commander and the entire Academy community, for the excellent work, raising new generations of Police officers who’ll lifelessly secure the nation24/7.

In his reflections, the commander of Nigeria Police Academy, Assistant Inspector General( AIG), Ahmad AbdurRahama, thanked President Buhari for honouring the assignation, explaining that the institution was upgraded from professional training to degree awarding in 2012.

The commander said the institution had graduated,748 pimps, Assistant Superintendent of Police, over the times, including the 205 who just graduated.

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