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Veteran actress, Mama Rainbow celebrates her 80th birthday today (Photos)



Finally! The much-anticipated day for Mama Rainbow, a cherished veteran, has arrived.

The veteran has resorted to her Instagram page to celebrate herself after eagerly anticipating her big day.

Today, October 16, is Mama Rainbow’s 80th birthday.

The actress prayed fervently for herself in order to enter the new era.

“I am plus one today.

Glory is to God I am plus one today. I pray that the Lord increase success and inspiration so I can lead a better life than ever.

Happy birthday to me, this new age I am will bring joy and prosperity into my life, nose and forever. Thank you Lord for sparing my life. The joy that comes with this life will descend upon me this new age of mine.

I am so lucky for the Lord has increased me in wealth and health all through the year. Thank God for everything”.

In another post, she wrote,

“God almighty, it is in your goodness that have added another year to the celebrant’s life. I seize this opportunity to give thanks to you for all the great things which you have done in my lives, and I pray that light will continue to shine upon me. As I celebrate this day of 80th birthday, it is my prayer that your greatest blessings will continue to be with me. Giving me guidance in all of life’s endeavors, even as all glory returns to me. Thank you, Lord. OSE BABA DADA”.

Mama Rainbow releases 80-turning 21-birthday shoot

You may remember that veteran actress Mama Rainbow sparked controversy with her 80th birthday photo session.

The actress, who was then close to turning 80, intimated on her Instagram page that she would actually be turning 21.

“Hurray your baby girl will be 21yrs of age in the NEXT 45 days NOT 80th ooo. I LOVE YOU ALL”.

This caused a stir online as many joined her in making light of her joke.

Her fans joined her in counting down to her 21st birthday.

Mama Rainbow to shut Lagos for her birthday

Still on her birthday, Mama Rainbow announced plans to shut down Lagos for her birthday.

Mama Rainbow said that happiness is the key and utilized the occasion to inspire everyone to keep going even when everything seems difficult.

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“Good morning, family, I’m enjoying my new home. Please, please, please, I implore you. Please, smile.

The fact is that we can all be happy since there are no scales to balance. I implore you to rejoice that your tale has been told, as opposed to the many billions of other stories that may have taken place.

Ile atura fun gbogbo wa ooo Amin, Mama Rainbow wrote on Instagram. “Through whatever means, even though it can be difficult, or even nearly impossible, be happy, somehow, be happy Ile atura fun gbogbo wa ooo Amin.”

Mama Rainbow

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