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Van Vicker Celebrates His Birthday In A Unique Way



Van Vicker, an award-winning Ghanaian actor, turns a year older today!!!

Today, August 1st, marks the 45th anniversary of the role of interpreter. Van Vicker, unlike his colleagues, shared a frail photo of himself to commemorate his wedding day.

Van Vicker perplexed his fans by posting a side-by-side photo of himself looking dapper and frail. Teasing his fans, he asked them to choose the image of him that best represents his age.

Van Vicker stated in his birthday message that he intends to keep things simple because he is blessed and grace-filled. On Wednesday, May 25, Van Vicker celebrated the 16th birthday of his second daughter, Ji-an.

The happy father, who is well known for his playboy roles in movies, took to Instagram to wish the celebrant a happy birthday. Van Vicker posted a lovely photo of Ji-an with the caption,“Happy birthday to me.

I turn 45 today. It’s by His Grace. I am blessed. I wish to keep it simple today. Simple can be more sometimes, like now. Trivia. Wich pic is me as at today @45yrs? The left or right? Thanks for the love and support. I am grateful”.

“A proud father. God has been good to me. I am grateful. Happy birthday to my 16 year old, Ji-an. The nexus of my kids. You are so selfless, generous and caring.

Yet, the ghetto surfaces when someone wants to walk over you. Confidence, intelligence, courage, smartness, people’s person are only a handful of reasons why you are special to me.

I remember when I first saw and heard you cry as a baby. That pinch is there to date, hence I hate to see you hurt…and you know it and play it to your advantage. Happy birthday My Chocho. Daddy loves you.”

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J’dyl, the actor’s first daughter, turned 18 on February 27.

For the sake of his daughter, the proud father of three displayed his spiritual side. Van Vicker said a powerful prayer for J’dyl Vicker on his Instagram page at the age of 18.

He wrote, “18 years? Wow!

“Finally, you are an adult proper. I pray for a long life for you. Your dreams will see the light of day. Your prognostication, planning, and execution will be guided and on point. No grotesque thing shall be your portion.

You shall continue to grow in fortitude, intrepidity, and resoluteness. Your moxie shall be augmented, and my God shall protect and lead you in all your efforts. Prosperity, love, and happiness shall you enjoy in Jesus’ name.

Happy birthday, J’dyl. I love you. Daddy.”

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