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Three sisters open first Black woman-owned Beauty supply Store in Buffalo, New York



The three sisters from Buffalo, New York City, have made history with the launch of The Hair Hive – the first Black woman-owned and operated beauty supply store in the City.

Founders Brianna Lannie, Danielle Jackson, and Lauren Jackson started their business out of frustration with the lack of products that would fit the needs of Black women.

They had even personally experienced it, and they had heard many stories about it from their friends.

According to Brianna, “They’ll often get the wrong stuff or be led in the wrong route, so I realized that it was a need.”

Black women make only 7% of the industry’s owners, despite the fact that they are among the top buyers of cosmetics and hair products.

Beauty supply Store

The group then came to the conclusion that they should take advantage of the billion-dollar beauty supplies market.

“We genuinely wear our hair. It’s fantastic to see folks who are truly using the products and using the hair because I change my hair about once a month “Danielle stated.

The Hair Hive, supported by a nonprofit, recently opened a storefront in Buffalo. They have a range of goods for both men and women.

We have a lot of variety of colors, just a wide spectrum from glow in the dark hair, to sparkle hair, pretty much anything you can think of that’s.

Beauty supply Store

Differently, we provide it in our store since we want to provide our community with a unique good or service “Lauren stated.

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Additionally, The Hair Hive has a program that supports the neighborhood by showcasing goods made by regional business owners.

Additionally, they set up a scheme so that every dollar spent in their shop goes back into the community to help the area where they grew up.

For more information about The Hair Hive, visit their store at 1413 Fillmore Avenue Buffalo, New York 14211 or

Beauty supply Store

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