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They will never eat the fruit of their labour”- Ashmusy rains cürses on those attribute her success to a man



Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy in Nigeria, has cursed individuals who think a guy is to blame for her success.

Ashmusy’s outburst follows the outcry that trailed the news that she had purchased a brand-new car for herself.

Remember how the comedian just bought a brand-new, white RangeRover Velar for millions of naira?

Her most recent purchase had created a stir online because it made many social media users wonder where she got her money from.

The comedienne has made the decision to curse people who are disparaging her hustle as a result. She asserted that her detractors would never enjoy the benefits of their efforts.

According to STATE POST NEWS Ashmusy spent millions of naira on a brand-new white Range Rover Velar for herself.

She posted a video of herself cruising on her Instagram page while using her newest purchase.

she captioned the post, “E Dey rush. I got myself a VELAR from me to me! E Dey russssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh. May God keep blessing the works of our hands…Amen.”

Netizens however reacted with mixed feelings as many wondered how she had made so much money from skitmaking. Read here

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Ashmusy’s outburst
Responding to the series of mixed reactions, the 26-year-old rained curses on those who belittle her hustle and attach her success to a man.

See the full statement

She wrote,

Anybody that ever belittles my hustle and attaches my success/ achievement to a man will never ever ever eat the fruit of their labor He/she will work and work and work and not be able to make anything from all the work…

If you ever decide to give my glory to a man and spread fake news against me… if you ever make all my shooting of videos every damn day look like nothing, if you make me running businesses back to back for 5 years now look like nothing… you will work so hardddd and not see results! Amen


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