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Teachers are now agents of darkness – Actor Williams Uchemba cries out over disturbing trend in schools



Williams Uchemba, a philanthropist and actor, has spoken out about a troubling trend in schools.

According to the actor and father of one, teachers are now teaching children how to change their gender.

Uchemba, who also referred to some teachers as agents of darkness sent to destroy lives, revealed that instead of teaching children their regular class work, these teachers spent time teaching children how to become girls if they are boys and boys if they are girls. Then instructing them on how to surgically change their gender.

Uchemba, who also urged parents to be vigilant, shared a video and wrote:


“I don’t have a problem with adults being whatever they want to be but why are you forcing your ideologies on other peoples kids? Why are you intentionally putting ideas in their heads if you don’t have an agenda. You started with removing the Bible from schools , and later stopping prayer’s in school , and you are now telling kids that haven’t gotten to the age accountability that they can choice to be any gender they wish. What do you want them to do with that information??!”

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Williams previously stated his willingness to go to great lengths to obtain his Permanent Voters Card ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The father of one hinted on his Instagram page that he is currently in Enugu State to encourage Nigerian youths there to do the right thing.

He said:

“I’ll rather wait eight hours for my PVC to be ready than another eight years of misery. The process might not be easy but remember how important your vote will be.8hrs wait is better than 8years of pain.”

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