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“Success is never owned” Nollywood stars congratulate Jumoke Odetola ‘Miss Gargantua’ as she returns to school for her masters



Nollywood celebrities have reacted to the news that their colleague, Jumoke Odetola, has returned to school to pursue her Master of Business Administration degree.

Jumoke Odetola shared photos of herself on university grounds, revealing she is returning to school to satisfy her curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

She wrote: MBA in View…BACK TO SCHOOL

My quest for knowledge and
My deep desire for more led me to this.

Success is never owned, it is earned and the rent is due everyday

Wish me success. Who can guess my university?

Nollywood stars such as Jaiye Kuti and Yemi Solade, as well as her fans, wished her luck in her academic endeavors.

Jumoke Odetola’s fans were disappointed after a report surfaced online that she was having sexual affairs with wealthy married men and politicians.

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According to a contentious blog, the 36-year-old actress Jumoke Odetola not only enjoys dating married men but also enjoys destroying their marriages.

Jumoke Odetola was allegedly having an affair with Senator Solomon Adeola, FCA, also known as Senator Yayi, who allegedly purchased a mansion in her name.

“Hello tueh tueh, meet Jumoke Odetola Idamu industry, wey Dey use PUNA scatter homes but she got the very calm look and Na coded geh.

Senator Yayi constituency y’all should come out ooo, e bode ooo, Yayi don use una money buy house for Jumoke odetola ooo, Yayi should be probed ooo, they bought the house codedly so Yayi wife and his constituency won’t query him but the Matter later cast oooo”

The blog further wrote “Jumoke is known for the habit of going after peoples husband codedly without the wife suspecting, Yayi has been the one linking her up to all the government officials she’s been rolling with recently, he is planing on buying her a new car now, Yayi wife and constituency Na here una money Dey enter ooo….”

One Ngozi wrote “And I really love her o, was thinking she was different from the others”

One Sade wrote “Ah Jummy, no na, I had high regards for her….I don’t want to believe this…so disappointing”

One Kiki wrote “Is there any actress that legit makes money just from movies? I’m just asking..Jumoke disappointed me”

One Ronny wrote “It’s looks like no one pure ..Jumoke acts so calm and reserve”

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