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“Stop selling our girls to rich men in Ikoyi, Lekki” Nigerian woman calls out Iyabo Ojo, others



Adebimpe Alasoadura, a Nigerian diaspora woman, has accused Iyabo Ojo and other actresses of constantly misleading young girls with their lavish and extravagant lifestyles.

In a viral Instagram video, Adebimpe cursed Iyabo Ojo and other actresses for always sleeping with rich men who allegedly fund their extravagant lifestyles.

She also contrasted the Iyabo Ojo with her senior colleagues Sola Sobowale and Mama Rainbow, who appear in movies but cannot afford the lavish lifestyle despite their hard work.

“All you actresses in Nigeria are thieves, prostitutes, useless, evil, turning yourselves into madam brothels… you entice our young girls by deceiving the world with new houses, and new vehicles. Is It from this acting you make all that money? Is it not how you always sell out young girls to big men that you acquire all your houses?

Especially, you, iyabo Ojo which work are you doing that is funding your lavish lifestyle? Your last feature in any movie was probably 4 years ago but you recently showed off your new house in Turkey, leading these young girls astray…people who work hard like iya awero, mama rainbow, sola sobowale don’t live lavishly like you, if it is by hard work, they will have had over 10 houses by now too.”

Adebimpe also accused actor Yomi Fabiyi of sleeping with young girls before casting them in films.

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As of the time of publication, Iyabo Ojo, an actress, businesswoman, and single mother of two, had yet to respond to the embittered Nigerian woman’s alleged claims.

Iyabo Ojo was dragged into an ongoing celebrity scandal with a renowned clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, according to reports.

Gistlover, a popular blogger, revealed the names of several Nigerian actresses who were allegedly intimately involved with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

After videos and messages from ailing actress Halima Abubakar surfaced online, Apostle Johnson Suleman faced a slew of allegations.

Gist lover dropped the names of some Nollywood actresses who the blog claimed had slept with Apostle Johnson Suleman for money amid the allegations and issues between Halima Abubakar and Apostle Suleman via its page.

Many names were mentioned, including Shan George, Lilian Bach, Iyabo Ojo, Ruth Kadiri, Mercy Johnson, Chinyere Winifred, Larriet Omo Brish, Vivian Metchie, Georgina Onuoha, Ini Edo, Joy Ogbunu, Angela Okorie, Mary Uranta, Queen Nwokwoye, and others.

Steph Nayah, who had an affair with the Apostle as well, took to social media to reveal Iyabo Ojo’s affair with the clergyman.

Steph Nayah explained in a lengthy post that she had remained silent on his issue because she wanted to see how far he was willing to go with this lie.

Nayah described how she met him in Mombasa, Kenya, and how he took her contact, following which they had several intimate moments.

She claimed that Apostle flew her back to Nigeria to stay with his girlfriend, who happened to be Iyabo Ojo.

She revealed that Iyabo made her feel at ease and didn’t treat her unfairly because she was fine with the Apostle having multiple affairs as long as her income was coming in.

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