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Stop IPOB From Inciting Violence – Nigeria Govt Tells Facebook, Other’s

Stop IPOB From Inciting Violence – Nigeria Govt Tells Facebook, Other’s



Stop IPOB From Inciting Violence - Nigeria Govt Tells Facebook, Other's

Stop IPOB From Inciting Violence – Nigeria Govt Tells Facebook, Other’s; The Nigeria Government has asked Facebook and other social media platforms to stop allowing the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)

From using their platforms to allegedly incite violence and instigate ethnical abomination in Nigeria.

The government said that since IPOB had been interdicted and classified as a terrorist organisation

Facebook has no defense for yielding its platform to the organisation to foster its crusade of hate and destabilisation of the country.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, according to a statement by his Special Adjunct ( Media), Segun Adeyemi, made the demand in Abuja at a meeting with a platoon from Facebook.

He said, I’ve called this meeting to enable us to bandy the adding use of Facebook by secessionists and crazies, especially those of them grounded outside the country, to instigate violence and ethnical abomination in Nigeria.

For whatever reason, they feel to have now chosen Facebook as their platform of choice. And their tools include intimation, inflammatory statements and detest speech.

They use Facebook broadcasts to reach their followers, who are in thousands. They tag those opposed to their violent ways as‘ ravagers’who must be attacked, mutilated and killed.

They use both English and their original language as it suits them Mohammed said. He said the conduct of the interdicted group have real- life counteraccusations, adding, By purveying hate and inciting violence

People are getting killed while private and public property are being attacked and destroyed. Security agencies and other symbols of government are their choice targets.

The minister said despite the multitudinous complaints to Facebook on the conditioning of IPOB, nothing has been done by the company to dock the group’s surpluses on the social media platform.

Our social media people have been covering these secessionists, crazies and purveyors of hate, and have been reporting their atrocious conduct to Facebook

But all they get are default responses that their complaints have been entered and are being looked into.

Most frequently than not, nothing is done about similar complaints. The verity is that whatever Facebook is doing to check these people is bare tokenism and is completely ineffective, Mohammed said.

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The minister said the government would be covering Facebook and other platforms nearly in the days ahead to insure compliance with the demand

as it steps up the crusade for the responsible use of social media. We’ve always supported a responsible use of social media, and constantly called on all stakeholders to join us in achieving this.

Stop IPOB From Inciting Violence - Nigeria Govt Tells Facebook, Other's

Some have tagged our sweats as an attempt to stifle social media. They’re wrong, because we’ve no intention of precluding Nigerians from using social media responsibly.