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Skitmaker Sabinus buys another Mercedes-Benz GLE a month after surviving auto crash



Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, also known as Sabinus or Mr. Funny, is a well-known skitmaker, content creator, and influencer. He recently bought a new car.

Months after the collision that caused him to lose control of his Benz. Sabinus posted a clip of himself posing with his new whip on his Instagram feed.

In the video, Sabinus thanked his insurance provider for assisting him in getting his car back.

He took use of the occasion to inform the populace about the importance of property insurance.

The white variant of his black Mercedes Benz GLE is his new vehicle.

Many people are congratulating the skitmaker on his new blessing after hearing the wonderful news.

You may remember that Sabinus had been in an car accident in September.

While returning from his engagement ceremony, the comedian and content producer was engaged in an accident.

Danny, a Twitter influencer, tweeted this information.

He asserted that this morning when Sabinus was returning home, an allegedly inebriated driver struck Sabinus’ vehicle from the opposite side of the street.

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He gave the populace reassurance that the skitmaker was in excellent health. But he wrecked his brand-new Benz.

In order to reassure his admirers that he was safe, Sabinus posted a confirmation of the news on his Instagram story. He was grateful for their calls and concern.


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