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See the first black female student to receive a doctorate in computer science at university of Florida



Jasmine Bowers just made history by being the first ever African American female student to graduate from the University of Florida with a doctorate in computer science.

Before pursuing his doctorate, Bowers double-majored in math and computer science at Fort Valley State University and received her master’s degree from North Carolina A&T.

She now joined the ranks of other notable Black women in STEM, like Dr. Patrica Bath, the first Black woman to acquire a medical patent, and Mary Jackson, the first Black woman to work as an engineer for NASA.

Bowers is appreciative of the help she had from her professors, advisors, mentors, and friends during the course of her lengthy academic career.

She is most especially thankful for her mother who guided her and pushed her to achieve more.

“The seed of motivation was planted at a young age when my mother taught me how to use Excel to record my ‘wish list.’

I grew up in a household where I was encouraged to embrace technology,” Bowers told BOTWC.

“I also had the freedom to utilize technologies that included computers and other equipment that my mother, an [self-taught] engineer, had.”

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Bowers also wants to encourage other students to pursue STEM fields in order to fill the allegedly underrepresented position of Black people in the workforce.

“I’ll be relocating to a new state and beginning my career as an engineer, where I can put all of my coursework into reality.

I’ll keep giving back and enticing young ladies to pursue STEM,” she declared.

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