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See the Black lawyer who refused to cut his locks to make his colleagues feel better



Lawyer Marcus Shute Jr., 34, of Nashville, Tennessee, caused some controversy in 2002 when he decided to grow out his hair.

To prove that his looks should not hinder his professional career, he still chooses not to trim his hair.

In Nashville, Tennessee, Shute has his own legal firm and is in high demand as a lawyer.

Several times throughout my undergraduate and legal studies, as well as throughout my professional career

In an interview with The Shade Room, Shute claimed, “I was advised that if I didn’t cut my [hair], I wouldn’t be successful as an lawyer.

I was told I would not be successful as an attorney if I didn’t cut my [hair],” Shute said in an interview with The Shade Room.

Shute also said he had experienced being disregarded for promotion even though he technically deserved it just because he “did not fit the look.”

At one time, he said a judge even mistook him as a client instead of a law student even though his locs were well-maintained and moisturized.

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Despite that, he chose to be authentic and not to conform to the industry’s so-called standards. His experiences also inspired him to open his own law practice.

He wanted most of his colleagues and clients to relate to him. The law industry, like any other industry, is a microcosm of the real world.


It requires tolerance, inclusiveness, and diversity, but it must go beyond platitudes and be carried out in a genuine way, he said.

The percentage of black solicitors is less than 5%. One of the reasons I started Shute Law is because even fewer of them are in a position to acquire new employees.

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