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See the 17-year-old black teen who just opened a Rolled ice cream shop in Omaha



Meet A’Ron Burns, a 17-year-old high school student from Omaha, Nebraska, who is also an entrepreneur and the owner of the Roll-N-Sweetz ice cream business, which he opened up in his hometown.

He creates history by being one of Nebraska’s youngest restaurant owners.

Last year, A’Ron established Roll-N-Sweetz Rolled Ice Cream Shop as a division of the Burns Family LLC, of which he serves as president.

Before, he had also considered a career in criminal justice.

But he made the decision to pursue entrepreneurship because he wanted to build a company that connects with people while also filling a need in their community.

“With entrepreneurship, I can provide jobs, I can provide peace, I can provide comfort. And with ice cream, it’s also an emotional support food.

So, it also would help me connect to people who are going through things I might not know, but the ice cream might help,” A’Ron told WLBT.

The ice cream shop was not his first attempt in business. He once opened an e-commerce store that failed, but instead of giving up

ice cream

He used that failure to try again with a new endeavor. That’s when he worked harder, even sometimes skipping lunch at school to make calls to potential investors.

His mother Alexis Burns saw all his determination and decided to support him all the way.

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“Me providing, investing, and truly demonstrating to him, Hey, I’m quitting my work, taking a 401(k) distribution, and giving this everything I’ve got.

Because you want to live this fantasy. And I have faith in you. I’m going to put my faith in you to act honorably, “said Alexis.

A’Ron is optimistic about the future of his company and plans to one day spread Roll-N-Sweetz over the entire nation.

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