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See the 11-year old Vegan Chef who is the CEO of his own Plant-Based Restaurant



Omari McQueen, an 11-year old vegan chef and entrepreneur from London, England, is thought to be the nation’s youngest award-winning chef.

As the founder and CEO of his own plant-based restaurant named Dipalicious, he is also one of the youngest restaurateurs in the world.

Omari began his profession as a vegan chef on his own YouTube channel when he was just 8 years old.

He documented himself making a vegan pizza for his debut video. He decided to create his own dip, which he termed the Caribbean Kick, because he felt it lacked any flavor.

Since then, he has produced vegan seasonings, snacks, juices, and dips for sale.

He also wanted to spread his passion for vegan cooking so he hosts workshops for children at his home.

Omari says his next step is to launch his first vegan pop-up restaurant in Boxpark, Croydon in the United Kingdom.

The pop-up restaurant is slated to run for a week and will serve his plant-based specialties.

Omari has already won several awards including the TruLittle Hero Award for being the Entrepreneur Hero under twelve 2018 by Cause4Children Ltd.

The Compassionate Kids award in recognition of his entrepreneurial flair to help animals

As well as the Proud and Gifted Award for being a vegan chef and a youth empowerment speaker encouraging other children to become entrepreneurs.

He has also been featured on BBC Radio, ITV News, among others. The young entrepreneur is very passionate about cooking.

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His mother comments, “Omari has always had a passion for cooking but he started learning to cook meals from the age of seven after

His father and I started teaching Omari and his older brother Laquarn how to cook meals to aid me when I was unable to stand and his dad was working late when I got sick with hemiplegic migraines.

She says, “Omari has become stronger and performs various cooking techniques and meals every day.

He determines the health benefits of everything he eats and researches the advantages of everything he cooks.

For more information about Dipalicious or to order his vegan dips online, visit or follow him on Instagram @dipaliciousltd

11-year old Vegan Chef

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