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Season 7 BBNaija: Biggie disqualifies Amaka for misbehaviour



There have been reactions to the elimination of Amaka, a Level Up housemate from Big Brother Naija season 7, due to her bad behavior inside the house.

Amaka was dismissed from today’s job because she ignored Biggie’s orders to strike a heroic pose.

While the housemates followed Biggie’s orders, Amaka was seen in the kitchen serving lunch.

Amaka’s elimination from the competition was met with conflicting reactions because some felt she earned it for defying Biggie’s orders.

Mayaina 2005: Even simple instructions are not followed by her

Abeg strike, in Shiilarr. Why all this indulgence?

omo saw the person calling Bryan immature, mayaina2005

Elvisduut: She always disobeys the biggies’ orders, therefore it serves her right.

But this isn’t a punishment, says Kasdyl

Ryt amaka They are really delighted that she stayed away from the game. Girl doesn’t feel pressured by a regular task…

Biggie ought to have punished her the same way he did Chi Chi, except this time with three notebooks and a single lunch that she could eat all week long. 

You might remember that Amaka ran into difficulty with Biggie a few days ago when she nearly set the house on fire.

She had already baked a meat pie in the microwave before leaving to join her teammates in the arena while no one else was around.

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The housemates ran downstairs to see what went wrong and found that the microwave was on fire minutes after smoke started to appear in Biggie’s Kitchen.

The housemates inquired about Amaka’s pie’s condition without taking into account the risk associated with her activities, which irritated Biggie.


After the event, Biggie spoke to the other housemates and reprimanded Amaka for using the microwave to bake her pie and for neglecting to take care of the state of his home. He disciplined every resident in the residence for her misconduct.

“Your irresponsibility would have burned down Big Brother’s house, and your main concern in a house filled with smoke was the whereabouts of your meal,” stated Biggie.

Can you perceive your housemates’ meals and Amaka.

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