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Only God can do that as Couple welcomes twins after 14 Years of waiting



Mr & Mrs Joy Olorunfemi rejoices as they welcomes twins after 14 Years of waiting! Wow only God can do this!

When sharing the testimony on social media, a family member going by the name of Ohimai Abraham wrote the following in his own words:


Where do I even begin?

This woman you see here is my older sister by blood.

Since 2008, she had been married and had put her faith in God for the progeny.

It has been 14 continuous years of struggles, deceptions, ridicule, disappointment, tears, and despair.

Throughout these 14 years, men believed they held the final say.

However, Yahweh, who remembered Sarah, has shown the men that He and He alone is the Almighty.

He established my sweet sister with a healthy set of twins as proof of His existence in our lives (a boy and a girl).

Since learning of her delivery on Sunday of last week, I have been so ecstatic that I have had trouble coming up with anything to write and publish.

I now completely get the significance of Psalm 126:1-3.

“We were like those who dreamed when the LORD restored Zion’s captivity. Then, our tongues were singing and our mouths were laughing.

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The people throughout the nations then declared that the LORD had performed great deeds for them. We are pleased that the LORD has done tremendous things for us.”

Indeed, what God cannot do neither exists nor can be. I implore you to join me in giving Jesus Christ, our Lord, a two-out loud Hallelujah.

Double Congratulations to my personal people Mr & Mrs Joy Olorunfemi Samuel Olorunfemi aka Papa & Mama Twins.

Congratulations to the newest mommy twins, awwnn All the expecting mothers out there, get ready to carry your child. Your home is blessed.

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