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Omokri Reacts To Arrest Of Ekweremadu, wife For Alleged Organ Harvest In UK



Reno Omokri, a former assistant toex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has replied to the arrest of two Nigerians, Ike Ekweremadu and Beatrice in the United Kingdom, UK.

Omokri lamented that Ekweremadu’s tackle and kin are leading the shamefaced charge against him when he has not been condemned.

Metropolitan Police had said the couple was charged with conspiracy to grease the trip of another person for organ harvesting. The couple appeared before the Uxbridge Magistrate Court on Thursday autumn and were denied bail

According to Arise television, the alleged victim is a homeless 15- time-old boy who was brought to the U.K. by Mr and Mrs Ekweremadu, from the thorough fares of Lagos.

Replying, Omokri said the couple shouldn’t be condemned because they may be innocent. In a series of tweets, Omokri wrote The man could be innocent or shamefaced. We do n’t know. A trial will determine his guilt.

In Southeast this is what saddens me is the way and manner how his own people are leading the charge to crucify him. First have love amongst yourself before saying others do n’t love you!

In the United States Trump’s crowd stayed pious to him, no matter the charge. An blameworthiness is n’t a conviction. I feel sorry for this red cap chief.

His own people are the bones
formerly condemning him!
Effects are fluid. It just happed. It’s out of character for him. There will be a trial to establish the verity.

His own kin and kin shouldn’t lead the charge to speculatively condemn him. There will be further than enough time to condemn him if he’s condemned!

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His own people have completely forgotten the development he attracted to his area and are acting like he has formerly been condemned. I misdoubt he’ll be condemned.

Omokri Reacts To Arrest Of Ekweremadu, wife For Alleged Organ Harvest In UK

There must be an explanation. The man isn’t a pauper. It’s sad how he’s treated as an orphan by his own people in Southeast