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Nkechi Blessing reveals why she is now dating a 27 years old Man at 33



Nkechi Blessing, a popular Nigerian nollywood actress, is a hopeless romantic and an open book.

In a recent interview with the female members of Your View, the well-known and frequently contentious personality talked openly about her dating life.

She opened up about the 27-year-old man she is dating at the age of 33 and discussed how she ended up dating one ex-boyfriend because she was trying to get even with another.

Nkechi Blessing said the following.

It seemed like there was a lot of fakeness between you and your ex-boyfriend [Opeyemi Falegan] in that your relationship. Did you even get to know him at all before you decided to date?"

I think I didn’t. I think I did not and that’s the problem on my side. I recently broke up from a relationship with my ex that lives in America [Mike Adeyemi], and then in the heat of the breakup, we were still trying to fix things, he started posting a girl covering her face. Then I realized there is this man asking me out.

Okay, fine man. In all ramifications of the kind of people I would like to date, he’s not one to ten. So that was me trying to use him to get back at my ex. Then I landed up in a relationship.

So it was just a rebound. And a lot of ladies make this kind of mistake. They end up marrying somebody they don’t really love because they’re just trying to get back at an ex. That was what happened to me.

Are you dating now?"

Yes I am, and no, it’s not a rebound this time around.

People are talking. They say it's a younger man? Can you tell us?"

Oh you guys have heard already? Hey! I am actually very young at heart, in my inside. He is a younger man. He’s 27, I’m 33.

He makes me feel like a baby, hello. We’re friends for now. We’re not trying to define what we have now, we’re just going with the flow because right now he makes me happy.

Like my vibe matches his vibe and we’re just cool like that.

just have to ask because there are so many myths about dating a younger man. People always talk about their maturity level and how it affects the relationship going forward. Are these things that you're afraid you may have to deal with or you think the younger the better?"

Right now, I just want to be happy. So I am actually going with the flow. Cuz a lot of people be like “ah ah, when did you break up that you’re now dating again”,

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Hello, I was raised with love. February 14th, I’m valentina. I have so much love in me. I can give out so much love. So why not?

When I see something that I like, that matches my vibe. So I don’t know, I’m just going with the flow. I’m not even concerned about breakfast or no breakfast because if it happens, we move.

Nkechi Blessing

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