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Nigerian skit-maker, ‘Edo Boy’ acquires a beautiful house (Photos)



Edo Boy, an Instagram comedian and sketch creator, has declared himself the newest landlord in the state of Lagos.

He purchased a lovely home and posted pictures of its amazing outside and inside on social media.

In preparation for the final furnishing, the content producer was painting and fixing lights in the crib.

Edo acknowledged his admirers and supporters, saying that without them, he would not have been able to purchase a home.

Sharing the images, he wrote; ”Bought a new crib. Couldn’t have done this without you all

Meanwhile, a young man advised people from the working class to manage their money and avoid investing it in large-scale initiatives.

Nguea Dipita, a young man, encouraged others not to use their income for home construction on his TikTok account.

He argued that it is a liability and supported his claim with the tale of a construction that was started nearby.

Nguea claims that the building was started in his neighborhood when he was a primary school student, but the owner was unable to finish it for unidentified reasons and has since abandoned the construction.

He claimed that investing money just for the purpose of developing homes is the largest error somebody who is in stable financial standing can do.

Nguea continued by saying that the prudent course of action would be to invest their active income and divert the income’s interest into another investment.

He continued by explaining that after collecting interest from various investments, they might start building the house using a third investment.

Edo Boy

See the reactions from Twitter users

@ayamoluwaseun wrote; Congratulations 🎉! Since you couldn’t have done this without us(me included) , can u spare me one of the rooms for a year?

@madeovcancer; Congrats bro!! We make home furnitures and interior designs!! Patronize your boy please thanks!!

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@ogoszn; Congratulations….But where una dey get this kind money because it cant be only from skits

@charles_101_; Make una dey Carry all this things go instagram no con dey oppress us for here 😪😪😪

@Vav_Omoluwabi; Trust me, skit making is easy money when you blow. Some of these guys charge an average 300k-500k to MC a wedding.

They have 2 of this in one wknd, that’s average 800k. During szns (Oct-Jan) could have as much as 4/wk. They do multiple promotions for as little as 200k+ wkly.

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