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Mother sells fresh biscuits to raise money for her daughter to become a pilot



South African mother Lulu Ralehoko is commended for launching a business to assist generate the money required for her daughter Tshepang, 23, to pursue a career as an airline pilot.

Hundreds of buckets of freshly baked biscuits and scones are apparently being baked and sold by both her mother and her aunt to generate 100,000 South African Rand, or roughly $6,800 in US dollars.

Tshepang is already taking flight lessons at the Pretoria, South Africa-based Blue Chip Flight School

But she still has to raise more money to obtain her private pilot’s license and later, her commercial pilot’s license.

Family, friends and complete strangers from all around the world have been very supportive of their fundraising efforts.

The campaign has gone viral via her personal Facebook page, and the orders have been coming in non-stop via WhatsApp.

Tshepang says her ultimate goal is to see more African and female pilots in the cockpit, and she knows that her story will inspire millions around the world.

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According to her interview with News 24, “I’m not doing this just for myself. I’m trying to build the urge to fund other people in the future who are both Black and Female.”

Her aunt Doris Temba stated, “You should see her eyes when she talks about aviation; They just shift. She is very passionate.


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