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Meets 9-year old black girl who beat’s 450 students to wins major UK math competition



This year’s “Sum It Up” national math competition was won by Danielle Boadu, a 9-year-old British girl who outperformed over 450 other competitors.

Primary school students from the UK and Ireland participated in the competition organized by renowned edtech firm Renaissance Learning to commemorate World Math Day.

It inspired kids to produce inventive works of art that reflect their ideas on where and how they think math may be found in daily life.

An experienced panel of judges chose Boadu, a pupil at the Heritage Park Primary School in Peterborough, England, as the competition’s winner.

In her original graphic representation of mathematics on the school playground, she used elements of nature to illustrate concepts like addition, forms, and parallel lines.

According to Boadu’s statement to Peterborough Today, “I had fun with my entry because I enjoyed identifying all the shapes and patterns around the playground and drawing the objects that I counted and observed.”

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“At first glance, everything at the playground appeared normal, but as I got closer and remembered everything we had learned in arithmetic

I realized that there were numerous patterns present.

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