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Meet the woman rejected by Airline and decides to start her own Airline company (Photos)



Sibongile Sambo, a 42-year-old South African woman, decided to take matters into her own hands after South AfricanAirways informed her that she did not match their minimum height requirement for a flight attendant position.

Her company, SRS Aviation, is still the only Black woman-owned and operated airline in Africa. She turned entrepreneur and founded her very own airline.

What is her secret, then?

Although starting an airline is neither simple nor inexpensive, she was nonetheless successful in doing so.

She started by establishing her business and giving it the name SRS Aviation.

She then entered into a collaboration with MCC Aviation, a fixed and rotor wing charter company based in South Africa, after bidding on and winning a contract for cargo transport provided by the South African government.

In order to assist her obtain an Air Operating Certificate from the South African Civil Aviation Authority, she eventually sold her car and cashed in her mother’s pension (CAA).

Although it wasn’t simple, she was able to raise the required funds and make it work!

Now, Sambo’s business gives its customers access to professional and tailored flying options to locations in Africa and beyond.

Their services include VIP charters, tourist charters, cargo charters, game count & capture, and helicopter services. Her customers pay anywhere from $1,000 USD to $200,000 USD per flight.

Her vision

Sambo’s vision is to be the top option for low-cost air service solutions for people and companies locally and globally by offering an unmatched air service.

She also wants to maintain the highest levels of security.

She is very passionate about assisting young people by sharing her knowledge and experience when it comes to giving back to her neighborhood.

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She said recently in an interview with CNN, “I am where I am because someone made an investment in me. Now is my chance to make an investment in other people.”

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