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Meet the black entrepreneur who launched first African Pride Sneaker, celebrates 5 years in business



Nagast Footwear’s founder and CEO, Tarik Edmonson, of Atlanta, has made a name for himself with his custom-made sneakers.

Tarik Edmonson, a businessman, founded the Black-owned shoe firm Nagast Footwear in late 2015 to recognize and commemorate African ancestry.

Tarik designed the iconic African Pride Canvas sneaker using as his inspiration Marcus Garvey’s Pan-African flag from 1920.

A political movement advocating African control over African communities, red, black, and green is more than just a color combination.

In December 2015, when Tarik made history by becoming the first to launch a globally successful sneaker line of this kind, these shoes served as time capsules.

Since then, Nagast Footwear has launched countless other custom sneakers to commemorate the legacy of powerful Black leaders.

These sneakers are released in limited numbers and have consistently sold out since the first pair debuted.

Upon the release of the Nat Turner Max, named after the Rebellion that is said to have expedited the coming of the Civil War, the shoe sold out within minutes.

Tarik says, “Our goal is for our brothers and sisters to walk in power with sneakers that represent our culture. Our mission is to educate and inspire our people via fashion.

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Nagast Footwear is debuting an exclusive line of “teachable wear” clothing in celebration of their five-year anniversary.

Innovative apparel from this line will highlight the significance of Black history.

The brand, to mention a few, pays tribute to iconic MLK Jr., Huey P. Newton, and one of the greatest Black leaders, Marcus Garvey.

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