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Meet the 27-old Black woman entrepreneur who turned $10K into $2M, now teaching others



African American lady Tiffany James, 27, from New York City, transformed a $10,000 stock market investment into $2 million in under two years.

Later, she established Modern Blk Girl, which uses her wealth-building investing ideas to educate women.

When James decided to invest in Tesla shares in 2019, she was fighting to pay off her student loan debt and make ends meet.

At that time, each share only cost $60–$70. She made the decision to take a chance and began progressively investing $4,000.

James, who was then 25 years old, invested a total of $10,000 in long-term LEAPs, S&P SPDR exchange-traded funds, and the stock market, including Tesla and semiconductor chip stocks.

Since then, she has grown her portfolio to 2 million dollars.

However, she noticed that the investment and trading community is still dominated by white men.

James, who is a daughter of Jamaican and Haitian immigrants, aimed to change that by launching Modern Blk Girl.

In this online community, she gives practical investing advice that is encouraging and accessible.

With more than 225,000 women, she is happy to share her knowledge with others.

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She told CNBC, “If you educate a woman, you educate a village.” “A parent tells her kids if she starts investing.”

James offers the following advice to individuals looking to begin: always be prepared to invest, and consider all possible locations for the assets.

She also exhorts women to overcome their fears, adding that investing will lead to more financial freedom and that it is “a requirement, not an option.”

James emphasized that by producing money in the market, “We can live the life we want to live,” adding that “There are scarier things we deal with every day as women.”

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