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Meet 13-year-old boy who bags Bachelor’s degree from US university, set to earn PhD in Physics at age of 18



Elliott Tanner, a brilliant 13-year-old genius, received a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a minor in mathematics from the University of Minnesota in Minnesota, the United States.

Just three years after Michael Kearney, who received his bachelor’s degree at age 10, the young scientist prodigy accomplished the accomplishment at a record-breaking age.

“I am overjoyed. Elliot stated to Life Science, “It is a truly bizarre experience.

Elliot began attending the University of Minnesota when he was 11 years old after finishing the majority of his college coursework when he was 9 years old.

His parents first realized their son was gifted before he started school; he displayed remarkable language and math skills from the age of 3.

When he was 5, Elliott enrolled in his local kindergarten but was quickly taken out of school when it became clear that a traditional education experience would not be a good fit for him.

“He was talking about particle accelerators when he was 5 years old when other kids were pretending to be Superman on the playground,” Michelle Tanner, Elliott’s mom said.

Elliot was thereafter homeschooled by his parents. His mother narrated that he learned and consumed information quicker than they could handle.

By the age of 9, they could not keep up with the rate of his progress. So they enrolled him at his local community college. “As parents, we were terrified.

But he excelled, and the school administration and other students took him under their wings,” Tanner said. It was the community college that forged his passion for physics.

Elliot said he had always wanted to be a mathematician but when he was introduced to physics, he became really intrigued and inspired to learn more about the secrets of the world.

Elliott transferred to the University of Minnesota at the age of 11 to start studying physics and math.

Although his college experience is a little different from that of his classmates being a lot younger than many of his colleagues, Elliott still hangs out with his peers in the student lounge, discussing homework, debating physics topics or watching movies.

After two years of study at the University, Elliot graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics.

He was subsequently admitted into the University of Minnesota’s doctoral program in physics, and he will begin his studies there the following academic year.

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The young genius claims he wants to specialize in high-energy theoretical physics and become a professor at the University of Minnesota in the United States. I’m eager to get going, he remarked.

Elliot was given a congressional record for his amazing achievement by Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.

Elliot posted photographs of the honor on Instagram and said his family is happy to receive it.