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Man storms bank to close His account because they failed to wish him happy birthday



Chineke Boy, a comedian, stormed various bank to make an unexpected request, triggering off reactions.

He charged into two different banks, complaining that they hadn’t texted him on his birthday and that all they could do was take money out of their customers’ accounts in the form of fees and VAT.

The creator of the spoof asserted that while other banks remembered to celebrate him, they were unaware that the day before, he had turned a new age.

In a video that has gone viral online, he was seen demanding at security and customer service to instantly close his account or send him a text message right away in the banking hall.

As soon as he said this, other customers in the hallway, including several bank staff, began to chuckle.

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Every now and then, he would rant so loudly that others would start singing him happy birthday.

In contrast, he claimed to be a sketch creator towards the end of the entire farce and that Judt planned to cause disturbance before leaving the bank.


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