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Lorene Summey, celebrates 105 years of life with her first-ever birthday party



The first birthday party for Lorene Summey, who is 105 years old, was held to commemorate her birth.

Because she was often preoccupied with looking after her younger brothers, she had never done this before.

At her first birthday celebration, a 105-year-old woman from North Carolina was surrounded by family, friends, and even a pony.

At Somerset Court Senior Living Space in Cherryville, North Carolina, Lorene Summey had a very memorable day on Friday.

According to WBTV, she had her very first birthday celebration to commemorate turning 105 years old.

Lorene Summey is the oldest living woman in both Gaston and Lincoln counties, according to the Cherryville mayor.

For her birthday, she was honored all over the country and the world.

From London, England, to Niagara Falls, Lorene Summey received 1,200 birthday letters.

At least one from every state lined the halls at her senior living community.

And that was just the beginning.

Her party also included a dedication from the mayor, a pony visit and a proper hoedown.

Lorene Summey

She was even accompanied to her birthday party by the Cherryville Police.

“Everything you see here was it. Roger Summey, Lorene’s stepson, said of her, “She’s a caring woman.

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However, as Lorene Summey turned another page in the calendar, it was her close friends who gave her the greatest joy.

I’m very happy to see you, she told Martha, a friend. I adore you.

Since Lorene Summey was constantly busy caring for her younger siblings, she had never previously celebrated her birthday.

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