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Lawan Consensus: Your Unilateral Decision Will Put APC In Dangerous – Tinubu Caution Adamu

Lawan Consensus: Your Unilateral Decision Will Put APC In Dangerous – Tinubu Caution Adamu



The former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu Campaign Organisation has advised National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress against the duty of a consensus candidate

The organisation was replying to the in a announcement of Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, as the agreement candidate of the party on Monday.

In a statement inked by its Legal Director, Babatunde Ogala, SAN, the support group listed three conditions for picking a agreement seeker as quested in the Electoral Act.

The statement read, The media is submersed with reports that the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress( APC) has unilaterally blazoned the purported relinquishment of a certain aspirant the agreement presidential seeker of the APC for the forthcoming presidential election in 2023.

While the National Chairman is yet to deny or offer any explanation on the contended protestation, it’s necessary to state that such a protestation is a legal impossibility.

This is because under the governance of the Electoral Act 2022, agreement, though handed for as one of the means by which a political party may produce its seeker, must specifically do in a precise form.

Section 84( 9)( 10) and( 11) of the Electoral Act 2022 are the applicable vittles and they state as follows
9) A political party that adopts a agreement candidate shall secure the written concurrence of all cleared applicants for the position, indicating their voluntary pullout from the race and their countersign of the agreement seeker.

10) Where a political party is unfit to secure a written concurrence of all cleared applicants for the purpose of a agreement seeker, it shall return to the choice of direct or circular primaries for the nomination of campaigners for the forenamed optional position.

11 A special convention or nomination congress shall be held to confirm the choice of agreement campaigners at designated centers at the National, State, Senatorial, Federal and State Constituencies, as the case may be.

Instructively, none of the below conditions have passed in respect of producing the presidential seeker of the APC.

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thus, any protestation of a agreement seeker would be unseasonable and a violation of extant vittles of the law. We’re confident that as a law- abiding reality, the APC won’t be part of similar.

We’re farther converted to prompt our supporters to casualness this report considering that the inviting maturity of the APC Northern Governors who, after meeting with the President,re-affirmed their preference for a chairman from the Southern part of Nigeria.

Lawan Consensus: Your Unilateral Decision Will Put APC In Dangerous - Tinubu Caution Adamu

This nationalistic decision is extensively accepted by all Nigerians as a demonstration of deep understanding of the nuanced fault lines of our nation.

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