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Laide Bakare expresses delight as her daughter makes acting debut (Video)



Laide Bakare, a Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, has expressed delight at her daughter’s acting debut.

Simi, the teenage daughter of actress Laide Bakare who made headlines after purchasing a brand new Benz worth millions of naira for her younger brother’s 9th birthday, was reported to have stormed Nigeria in July to celebrate the big Sallah celebration with her family.

Laide Bakare proudly announced her arrival on her Instagram pages, posting photos of Simi with the caption:

My BOSS is home for sallah @simlineboss love you girl Thanks so much for your patronage… To all my fans worldwide truly appreciate…SHOP at your own convenience from anywhere all over the world.
FEW days to ILEYA/Sallah FESTIVAL”.

Simi has made several business moves since her return, the most recent being her debut in Nollywood.

The actress’s 13-year-old daughter is set to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Laide Bakare expressed her delight at seeing her daughter star in a film by sharing a video of Simi on a movie set.

According to Laide, directing her boss is extremely satisfying.

Laide Bakare, who has been described as a drama queen, revealed that she and her daughter are planning to take over Canada for the film’s premiere.

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“Just because you are a drama queen decided to cast you in #kishiiandkiyee the masterpiece by the master herself, so fulfilling director my Boss @simlineboss on this set, can’t wait to share with you soon. Premiering for the first time in CANADA on the 10th of September 2022 CANADA get ready”.

On social media, all hell broke loose when Laide Bakare claimed that her 13-year-old daughter, Simi, gave her 9-year-old brother a car for his birthday.

On Tuesday, May 31st, the actress’s son turned nine, and his older sister went all out for him.

The highlight of the evening was when the young man was presented with a Benz, a gift from his sister.

Laide Bakare announced the good news on her Instagram page, writing, “Money truly stops nonsense my forthcoming book launch is gonna surely impact your life positively (how to make billions in 6 months) can’t wait to share with u. Simi is just 13, she just gifted her brother A Benz”.

Laide Bakare revealed her multi-millionaire business to demonstrate that her daughter can afford such a luxury whip.

According to Laide Bakare, her daughter is the Boss of Slimline Properties.

She stated, “I am the one and only Olaide Bakare CEO Slimline Properties and my 13yr old Similoluwa Olatokunbo is my boss. Come to my DM let talk about money-making ventures. And I’m sure your life is gonna change for good. I love you. Jummah Mubarak my lovers”.

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