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Kunle Afolayan’s ex-wife celebrates her 40th birthday in the arms of her new lover.



Tolu, the ex-wife of prominent movie producer/actor Kunle Afolayan, is in a good mood right now.

First, she will turn 40 in June 2022. It was a grace celebration on her behalf by family and friends. Darasimi and Dire, her two children, didn’t hold back in honoring their mother.

Tolu and Kunle married in 2007, but the couple separated and divorced about three years ago.

Tolu has moved on with her life and focused on becoming a better version of herself since their marriage ended (due to irreconcilable differences that they have since kept to themselves).

Although many of Tolu’s close friends were unhappy with her decision to end her marriage, time is quickly resolving that.

The lovely lady who works for the Lagos State Tax Authority is doing well with her jewelry business.

Her brand name, ‘Aduke the Jeweller,’ is currently one of the big names doing well in that business line.

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Tolu, on the other hand, has a new love life, according to our sources, though she has kept it a secret.

She’s cleverly concealed the identity of the new man, but we’ve learned that this new man—a successful business mogul—is spoiling her silly, and it’s rubbing off on her.

Even though they are no longer together, Kunle and Tolu understand how and when to see their children, despite the fact that Kunle has custody.

Tolu, a beautiful lady, is a serial entrepreneur with a very calm demeanor. When things were going well, she paired well with Kunle, a leading name in the film industry.

Despite the failure of his marriage to Tolu, Kunle Afolayan has achieved great things for himself. He has also kept his personal life very private since then.

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