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Jerome Bettis goes back to university after 28 years of leaving school to play Football, bags a Bachelor’s Degree



Jerome Bettis, a 49-year-old American Football Star has returned back to university to complete his Bachelor’s degree after 28 years of leaving school to focus on playing football.

Jerome Bettis has achieved great success in football and has also become a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He decided to return to his Alma Mater -University of Notre Dame to complete his degree.

Jerome Bettis narrated that it felt kind of strange as he finds himself behind times. In the words he told NBC, “It is so strange.

Because I’m so behind the times. I mean, I’m a dinosaur in the sense of school. I don’t know where anything is. I’m struggling with the technology.”

Jerome uses an actual pad and a pen while his classmates took notes on iPads.


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Jerome explained that why he decided to return to school was because he promised his mother that he will get a Bachelor’s degree and so he decided to keep to his words.

He said “I promised my mother that I would get my degree. In my immediate family, I’ll be the first person to graduate from college.”

He further explained that he has two children and for them to see him finish a commitment that he set out about 27 years ago was a lot for them and they would learn a lot from it.

Jerome Bettis