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I’ve promised to kept my virginity intact till marriage”- Ashmusy



The well-known comedian and social media personality Amarachi Amusi, as Ashmusy, has shared her motivation for resisting temptation and maintaining her virginity.

On her verified Instagram feed, Ashmusy posted images from her trip in Ghana. She expressed her happiness at having kept her long-standing pledge to remain virgin till marriage.

She did, however, hoped her future husband would live up to the pledge in a hopeful letter.

She wrote: I promised myself to remain a virgin till marriage 😍 I’m so glad I have kept that promise 😩 dear future hubby, I hope you are worth the wait 🥺

Ashmusy’s declaration has sparked drama online as some believe she was joking with her statement.

One Chidiadi wrote: Nobody wan marry virgin again oh😂. Strength and time no dey to dey teach person how to do.

One Vintage wrote, “You mean us this year oo 2022 😍😍😍God I want this enjoyment next year.”

One Ebuka wrote, “You be virgin but your son dey 5yrs😂”

You we recalls that Ashmusy revealed how she nearly lost her life while making a skit. She revealed that she nearly drowned in the process of shooting a scene at the see.

“Guys, I almost drowned in the sea. My life just flashed before my very own eye while creating content oo.

“Before they could send me a rope and save me, I was already going down. I was just saying, dear God, forgive me my sin and accept me into your blossom, please.

All I could think about was how much my mother would cry. I eventually made amends with everyone I was upset at. I was prepared to leave. I merely desired to be out of the sun and to encounter God.

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This existence is somehow terrible on us, but we don’t make it that way for one another. Anyone may leave at any time.

Because I had a boat in my fingertip, I was able to avoid drowning and dying.

She then admitted that after being saved, she drank too much contaminated water and had to go to the hospital.

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