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“It’s more than acting and I love him so much” Sola Sobowale sheds light on her relationship with Titi Kuti



Sola Sobowale, a veteran Nigerian actress, has finally spoken out about her relationship with a male colleague, Titi Kuti.

Titi Kuti is a Nigerian actor, film producer, model, and television host who is related to the late legendary singer Fela Kuti.

He also appeared in King of Boys: The Return of the King, where he played Ade Tiger. Sola Sobowale and Titi had a relationship outside of work that had many tongues wagging.

To clarify, Sola Sobowale stated that her relationship with Titi was more than just acting. Sola Sobowale revealed that she considers him her son and adores him.

She praised him and mentioned his qualities such as being a good listener, respectful, down-to-earth, humble, and having a lot of etiquette.

She confirmed that he had a good upbringing. Sola stated that when she saw him, she told him not to stay behind.

Sola also stated that she will support Ade Tiger until the day she dies.

She said,

“It’s more than acting now because I see him as my son and I love him so much. There’s something about Titi Kuti, he’s a good listener, very very respectful and has a lot of etiquette.

Well brought up! When you see a chap like this, you’ll see that he is down to earth, very very humble. So when I saw him, I said, Omo you got to move in, don’t stay behind there.

I told him something that he has to be a pilot, he has to go do that and I’m pushing him on it, I won’t let him stay, he’s still moving. On the move, we move.

Ade Tiger, yeah yeah till I die!.

We recall Sola Sobowale explaining why she left the movie industry to do menial jobs.

Sola revealed in an interview with Chude Jideonwo that she had to leave the country and her career to care for her children who were attending school in the United Kingdom.

The main cast of ‘King of Boys’ stated that she chose her children over fame and money.

She decided to abandon her craft in order to care for her children, who required motherly love.

She said, “I went back to England and noticed the kids lacked motherly touch. Then I moved to England and forgot stardom.

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Now, all of them are working and now they appreciate me for my sacrifice and ask me to go back to what I know how to do best so that’s why I’m back in Nigeria.

Speaking about her life before Fame, Sola said, “I was practically living in Enugu because I shot a movie, ‘Christ in me’ after the movie the fame came.

So I was given another job, to film one and come back, eventually, I got over 10 movies so I was stationed at Enugu. And in one location I spent one week. In that one week, I was on N800,000 and that was in the year 2000.

So like that, when I’m coming back to Lagos, I had over N5 million within how many months, the money was blowing. So I left that for 7 pounds per hour jobs in England. Then before I could take 1000 pounds I have to work extra hard.

She added, “There is nothing this woman cannot do because I know what is called dignity in labour. I will sleep anywhere so far it will put food on my table, cloth on my children, and shelter on my head.

I swept, cooked, washed, mopped, cleaned offices. Yes, I did all those. The other thing is I wasn’t sleeping. On the train or bus, I make sure I wear my uniform with the name of the company like that. Now, I’m happy because it’s now history”.

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