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It’s for ‘Eba’ or what? – Nigerian lady Mocks boyfriend after sent her N11k to make hair



Online, a young woman from Nigeria made fun of a man who had sent her money to have her hair done.

The person known as @Kadichi1 on Twitter posted that she begged him for money for her hair and he sent her N11,000 in response.

She thought it was an unacceptable sum and questioned if it was for the Nigerian dish ‘eba’ or what?

She tweeted; ”Told this dude I wanna make my hair and he sent me 11k, Lmao is it for eba or for garri?”

Social media users were shocked over the way she chose to call out a man who sent her money.

See the post below:

@okunadejumoke; Definitely u ain’t working cos if u do u will know every penny should be appreciated cos it’s not easy to make money, even with 10k u can still make braids in some places even with attachment. It’s ur type that make men insult us on this app

BhilarRex1; @okunadejumoke; God will surely give you a generous husband, me I be bad guy I for don shoot my shot but my trigger don spoil

@Sodiumhydrate_; Imagine coming to twitter to see this after sending 11k out of the 15k in your aza.. 😂 person fit craze

@karash21066472; Did you just said 11k to braid your hair is for fufu or eba 😂eyy God 🤲I’m very sure you ain’t working Lmao I did this hairstyle for 10k Nd it’s more expensive than other saloon around me Nd this aunty is saying is it for fufu or eba 😂 mi o ni so ikan kan 😒

@HommeClasique; Take 5k out of the money, subscribe and recharge your phone. Then call your father telling him you wanna make your hair. Chat him up if he doesn’t respond.

@A_Abby_Abi; Maybe clout but I know there are ladies like this fr so let me say this;
It’s your hair, if you can’t afford to make it with your own money, cut it low.
If someone gives you money that you didn’t work for be grateful.

@olorunwababs; Before I make comment, what do you do for a living? How much do you earn? Because if that guy earns 100k a month, means with the 11k, he would work for about 3 full days just for you alone. And here you are making a mess of his magnanimity. Speaks more about who you are really.

@TemiHNIC; Man helped the poor and needy only to get called out on the internet.

@Sonsydarling1; I hope this is for cruise sha, because some of you seems to be unappreciative these days. If you had that money why didn’t you go ahead n pay for it. Forming classy ontop your broke account.

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@FaleyeTS; This one na werey , enter ogunpa or pinnacle buy lush hair attachment 1700 each , carry 3500 fix with your hair dresser and use #700 eat something light . Omo ale

@nwachi_susan; Firstly you should appreciate that money, so 11k ain’t enough to make your hair and you are working? People like you will just allow these guys keep insulting women and always think we bring nothing to the table.

@helenadamian1; Fr you guys don’t know how expensive attachment or locs is right now. The money is really too small before buying attachment then the making babe pls don’t collect the money instead forward me the guy’s number let me teach him some senses.

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