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Incredible Little Boy Wows Onlookers with His Brilliant Calculating Skills, Receives 100k Cash Gift



A young youngster who was seen in a video has astounded people with his amazing maths abilities.

Without using a calculator, the young boy who was seen in a room with some men answered all of the challenging questions.

The host gave him a 100k gift at the conclusion of the video and urged viewers to share the clip so that it would go viral.

Youngster makes headlines for effortlessly completing challenging mathematical problems without the aid of a calculator.

A 10-minute social media video shows the moment the gifted boy astounded his onlookers with his aptitude for mathematics.

The boy whose Instagram name is @akahumancalculator was asked by @mcmbakara, to multiply complex digits offhand and he responded with the correct answer over and over again.

The problems were divided into divisions, multiplication, and addition.

He calculated them all effortlessly, going from mere thousand up to millions which got the man asking questions wondering if he was sired by an “angel”.

The impressed onlookers who could not get enough pressed on to test the young man with more arithmetic questions, each time it got more complex and he impressed them effortlessly.

According to the man who was asking him the questions, the young boy was at that time in the suburbs of Ajah.

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A question regarding how his mother feels about raising such a smart son was asked of her at some point in the video.

She retorted that the young child was not only smart but also well-mannered, which made her feel really lucky.

The host eventually gave the “human calculator” the sum of One Hundred Thousand Nigerian Naira (N100,000) and pleaded with internet users to help spread the video and make it popular so that the youngster would receive the attention he deserves.

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