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In a recent interview, JJC Skillz discusses the breakup of Funke Akindele in more detail



JJC Skillz, a Nigerian musician, actor, and film producer, divorced his wife Funke Akindele in the public eye earlier this year.

Both parties appear to have rapidly moved on with their respective careers after their breakup. Funke Akindele is now involved in politics and is vying with Olajide Adediran for the position of deputy governor of Lagos State.

JJC Skillz has also moved forward with the launch of his new company, an app called Afristar that aims to link creatives like actors, musicians, and other professionals with those who are eager to hire them.

JJC Skillz revealed a little bit more about his split from Funke Akindele, where they stand today as a relationship, and how they’re both moving on after the saga during a new interview with The New Telegraph to promote his new app. Here are JJC Skillz’s words.

Speaking about his new app Afristar, JJC Skillz said:

JJC Skillz

The app, you can say is a crossover dating App because you can check the artiste you like and the artiste you don’t. It also has the LinkedIn type of feel.

It’s business. Anyone can log into it. You could create a profile, upload unlimited amount of videos and pictures and ultimately, you can ap-ply for jobs.

It’s a social media slash job platform. Literally, the most important thing you need Afristar for, is to get paid.

If you want to get paid as an actor or you’re looking for connections as a musician or anything at all, all you just have to do is get the Afristar App because without the App, you’ll be missing out on all the activations that other people will be doing.

For instance, right now I have up to 15,000 subscribers on Afristar already, which means I have roughly about 7,000 actors at my beck and call.

If I continue doing this, you as a content creator, you have the same access as I do. I’m not doing this for

myself; I’m doing it for the whole industry which means forever and ever you can always look for your talents from the comfort of your home.

No need to book for auditions. Just post it up, people apply, pick the ones you want and book them for the day.

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When you book them for the job, while you are at work, you can look for free on the App and “where is this person?”

And the App tells you how many miles away he or she is without the talent lying to you about where he or she is.

S peaking a little bit about his relationship and how this new business may impact his relationship, JJC Skillz said:

Well, I don’t want to dabble into relationship talk at the moment, I am healing and moving forward and don’t forget I have children am bonding with.

Safe to say despite the challenge ahead as a result of the new idea unveiled, I will always create time for family most especially my kids