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I’m not Davido, I would have banged him in the face” Burna Boy slam’s Wizkid



Burna Boy

Mr Burna Boy a Nigerian Grammy award winning singer, has taken a swipe at his colleague Wizkid.

The music star who has been exchanging words with Wizkid’s fanbase has slam’s them once again

Burna Boy had praised his album on his Twitter page. He spoke to the numerous successes that his album, African Giant, had amassed over the years.

The singer was attacked by a Wizkid fan, and he retaliated.

“Una dey constantly get to daddy Ape, please leave him alone,” said the manager.

Black Boy: LOL, dude. You’ve tagged me. I made a correction. Idgaf, Wizkid is not me. Lol”

Another Wizkid supporter criticized Burna.

He tweeted, “There is no correction….you don’t have the most certified African album. Yousouf ndour’s has that record. And you don’t also have the best selling African album worldwide. Wizkid has it. Rest @burnaboy”.

Burna Boy

Clapping back, Burna Boy stated that if he wasn’t friends with Wizkid, he would have banged his face on sight so his Twitter jokers wouldn’t realise he is not Davido.

However, he wouldn’t do such because he was better and matured.

“If he wasn’t my guy. Then I would definitely have banged him in the face on sight just so his Twitter jokers realize I’m not Davido. But Alhamdulilah I know better and I’m matured enough to know he’s NOT YOU”.

Burna Boy had criticized Wizkid’s fan club members for acting like ‘idiots’ after a video of Nigerian playwright Wole Soyinka discussing the elimination of history from the curriculum of Nigerian schools.

Wole Soyinka expressed his regret that History was no longer taught in Nigerian classrooms in a widely seen film.

Burna Boy criticized Wizkid fan club members for not being intelligent enough to recognize the benefits of making sure that history was taught in schools by relating the video to his prior comment about history.

Burna Boy

Burna wrote:

…. I said this same thing a while ago but Wizkid Delusional Twitter fc said I was lying. Maybe if your true history was taught in your schools Wizkid would have a smarter Twitter FC instead of idiots like this”.

You may remember when Wizkid announced his love for Davido and lit up the internet.

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Wizkid explained how he always preaches about unity whenever he teams up with a particular person during his stage performance at 2022 Afronation in Portugal.

Wizkid brought the lyrics to life by declaring his love for Burna Boy and Davido, shocking many in the process.

As many people are aware, Wizkid and Davido haven’t had a close bond throughout the years, this caused some controversy on the internet.

Wizkid keeps going on and off with Davido, unlike his stable friendship with Burna Boy as they were recently spotted together at a club with Naomi Campbell.

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