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Ifeanyi must marry me immediately – lady caught on tape tying a man spiritually with love charm (Video)



A Nigerian woman has stunned many with the lengths she will go to find the man she wants to wed.

She was seen on camera tying the Ifeanyi man with a love charm so that he would only look at her.

As she ordered Ifeanyi to love her, the woman, who was acting under the guidance of a spiritualist, tied two lizards together with a thread.

She claimed that no matter what any man or woman said or asked of him, he would not pay attention to them; only her request would receive his attention.

The woman who was speaking Igbo repeatedly said the things that the spiritualist had told her to say.

No woman or guy, according to her, will stand in their way; he will only love her. She emphasized that he ought to marry her right away and be completely devoted to her.

Twitter user, @AfamDeluxo shared the video with the caption; ”Dear men & women,

Please, be careful because December is around the corner, & people are going to places to spiritually manipulate their crush, ex, etc into marrying them. I heard there is a popular tree in Ayamelu where they tie people spiritually.”

In reaction, @el_feezy wrote; Omo hope say no be me dis girl dey tie like this. Jesu

@inasonye; The power is in the spoken words. They will always ask their followers to speak out what they want. In most cases, nature obeys constantly spoken intentional words. Speak what you want into existence, create with your words.

@ChidiOChidi2; A river doesn’t swallow who it doesn’t see his/her legs

@ikoyigangsta; Wonders shall never end!!! Shey this ifeanyi na OBO twin brother or him Uncle. The incantation sef, ifeanyi you will love me pass every babe for road, man will no separate us, woman will not separate us. 🤦
Ifeanyi sorry oo

@Josephkingsize; No try yourself

@mayowacrown; I don see something close to this. Marriage no last 1 year o. Na small thing scatter them. Everyone shine eye. Dem tie two statue together throw for river. Everyone should be careful sha.

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