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“If you catch my husband with his side chic anywhere, please don’t call me”- actress Christabel tells friends



Christabel Egbenya, a Nigerian nollywood actress has advised friends not to call or alert her if they happen to see her husband and any side chick.

For the new mother, a man cannot kill her, and she will never object to her husband’s side chic.

Any friend who phones to say she spotted my man with his side chic in a hotel wants to murder me, according to Christabel Egbenya.

No! I don’t want to know, so please don’t. I don’t care whether you really did see them. I won’t fight the female in front of other people if I was the one who saw them together.

The person I have issues with is my husband. I’ll go home and wait for him to come back, then we can sort it there. Because my husband already knows who I am.

Why would I chase the girl or my husband, when I know we live in same house?”

Christabel Egbenya who is also a producer added, ‘I love my life so much, if anything happens who would I leave my kids for?

I can not play with my life just because of a man, it is not possible. If anything happens to you, the man would only mourn you for a while and then move on to the next woman.

Women should learn to love themselves and be happy with themselves first. I will not trade myself because of a man. I love myself so much, after me, my child comes before my husband and not the other way round.’


After many years in the industry and seeing what happens to the relationship of her colleagues, Christabel Egbenya decided to keep her marriage and husband’s identity off social media.

She gives more reasons she opted to marry secretly, “Well, even before I got married I am not that kind of person that loves to post everything on social media.

Especially relationships. Then again, a lot is happening on social media; dramatic relationship breakups, marriage and divorce.

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I made the decision to protect mine by avoiding social media. I dislike drama. Some even said that I don’t love my husband and don’t think highly of him.

He is quite youthful, adorable, and attractive. Some of you are already familiar with him via my WhatsApp status.


Although I adore him and am immensely proud of him, I won’t brag about him on social media because that’s just not how I roll. Let me be free to live my private life,” she pleaded.

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