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I won’t collect 1 kobo from any political to vote in 2023 even if I didn’t have money – Charles Awurum



The Veteran nollywood actor Charles Awurum has voiced his opinion regarding other entertainers who are financially persuaded to support unqualified candidates in the general elections of 2023.

Awurum recently said in an interview that he disagreed with his colleagues who supported politics.

Awurum declared, “Supporting individuals who cannot advance the nation is ridiculous. People will always be able to tell when anything is done for financial gain.

Even if I don’t have any money, I won’t ask someone for money in exchange for their vote if I know they are unqualified for the position.

(For entertainers who support such politicians), that is their business. However, I think we all, as Nigerians, should come together and think of how to improve the country.”

The actor also maintained that though skit makers are increasing in popularity, they cannot phase out conventional actors.

He said, “I cannot be phased out. What I have is God’s gift; it is not possible (for me to be displaced).”

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Awurum added that he frequently had to coerce people into taking him seriously. He stated, “I have to force people to take me seriously because it happens so frequently that they don’t.

Sometimes they just start giggling when they see me. However, they would understand that I am serious once I began speaking. I just perform comedy for television. When I’m not working, I’m someone else.

Charles Awurum

He stated, “Let’s vote the right individuals into elective seats in 2023, advising Nigerians to vote for the right candidates.”

We will be able to hold the appropriate candidates accountable when we elect them. And we would replace them if they didn’t follow the wishes of the people. The system needs to include more people.

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