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I thought of death – BBNaija’s Khloe finally opens up on butt surgery journey



Khloe Abiri, a Double Wahala housemate on Big Brother Naija, has finally spoken out about her plastic surgery.

KFN reported in 2020 that the reality star had undergone surgery after being bullied by many after leaving the show.

Khloe, who has been tight-lipped about the details of her surgery, is eager to share her experience with the world.

Khloe admitted to being obsessed with her new shape on the 2nd anniversary of her body.

Khloe revealed how nervous she was and how she worried she wouldn’t survive.

“Now let’s talk about my surgery journey since I’m now mentally, physically and spiritually healed from that trauma….and I love my new body (truth be told, I’m obsessed). So on this day 2 years ago I got my body done. Left my house 5am and ofcourse @graceyy_ left her baby to come take me to the clinic that early and we made videos and laugh while we head to the clinic. I made scary jokes “what if I don’t make it back alive” singing too many dad songs.

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I never had any intention of lying about it cos I document everything but can’t post how I wanted it to be cos someone invaded my privacy and decided to take a picture of me out of surgery lifeless.

…here we are in this second video making jokes Gracey said I had a baby and I didn’t die. So you can do this 9 but deep down I was scared AF, my hands were shaking but I couldn’t wait for a banging body…. So I did it anyways. And trust me I planned it in less than 2weeks. Even with the limited time I did a whole lot of research and reading reviews every min… I called my surgeon almost every min reminding him what I want and he’ll say “Koko, noted” cos I’m gonna be mad if I woke up to box butt and I’ll fight.

We still making jokes but bruhhhhh I was terrified but my stomach was big, I look like amoeba and that I can’t live with. I won’t look myself in the mirror and literally wanna fuck myself!!!!! Hell no, cos even as a skinny ass my stomach was flat flat”.

Khloe Abiri, also known online as Koko by Khloe, previously revealed how she maintains her surgically enhanced figure.

It is no longer news that the BBN ex-housemate underwent plastic surgery to achieve a curvier figure.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the reality star and beauty entrepreneur announced this.

Khloe shared a video of herself getting a Lymphatic drainage massage, which she uses to keep her new body in shape.

She revealed that plastic surgeons always recommend the procedure during the recovery stage after cosmetic procedures.

Khloe revealed that despite the fact that she had the surgery over two years ago, she kept up her massage routine to achieve the desired results.

We also recall Khloe opening up about how she felt after her surgery photo leaked on the internet.

As a guest on the Tea with Taymesan podcast, the outspoken former BBNaija housemate made this known.

Khloe confirmed her identity as the woman in the now-viral photo of a naked woman on a plastic surgeon’s table.

Khloe explained how she felt when the photo was leaked:

“You can post anything about me on the internet, but I never want to post my naked picture online. I was suicidal, dead for almost 24 hours. Thanks to Alex. She and my younger sister banged on my door and took me to the hospital. I drank Dettol and all the soap washer in the apartment when my surgery picture leaked. My fear was, what will my parents say?

Khloe stated that she was depressed after taking part in Big Brother Naija.

“Big Brother didn’t hit me until I got back from the show. I was depressed for a whole year. I was sad and in the darkest place of my life. A lot of people want fame, but the question is, how much can you handle it? I came back from Brother and felt like the whole world was against me. You will not see the good comments when it hits you. You will see comments like ‘See as she be like panla’.”

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