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I have received a lot of insults because I’m a single mother – Bisola



Bisola Aiyeola has established a solid reputation for herself. She began working in the entertainment sector in 2006, and in 2008 she had an appearance on the reality TV program Project Fame West Africa.

Since then, she has acted in numerous films, released a lot of songs, participated in Big Brother Naija, and hosts television shows.

Despite the fact that Bisola is unstoppable, she frequently encounters others who seek to undermine her or downplay what she has accomplished for two reasons: 1)

She is a single mother, which is why they blame Big Brother Naija for all of her achievements.

During a new interview with the New Telegraph, Bisola opened up about her feelings on both of these topics and she spoke very candidly and honestly. Here’s what Bisola said.

Speaking on the misunderstanding that Big Brother Naija is to blame for all of her success and that she has achieved so much, Bisola said:


I won’t claim that it’s all this mileage, but I have traveled. In 2006, I first entered the entertainment business, and in 2008, I participated in MTN Project Fame West Africa.

Before Big Brother, I was an actor, and now we are here after Big Brother in 2017.

I stress this because many people might assume that Big Brother gave me all of the mileage I’m currently receiving. However, I wouldn’t say that Big Brother gave me all of it.

It took me more than eight years of auditioning—at the time, I was going for Big Brother Africa—before I finally got into the Big Brother Naija house, so it’s been a struggle, but I didn’t give up.

Bisola also spoke candidly about the insults and remarks she frequently receives because she is a single mother, saying:

I have seen instances where complete strangers or those who don’t actually know me have inquired about my knowledge just because I am a single mother.

People will mistreat you; your neighbors will make offensive remarks to your face. They may say, “That’s why you aren’t married; that’s why you have an unmarried child,” etc.

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I’ve had instances where I was denigrated as a result, but I’m also the type of person that doesn’t care what other people think.

They are free to say whatever they want about me, but I have a strong sense of self-confidence and have convinced myself that what I believe is what really counts.

The days when other people’s words affected me are over. Right now, my main priorities are being a fantastic mother and a fantastic artist.

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